OM-Lille Preview and My Lineup

OM returns to le Vélodrome with a tricky matchup against Lille. The Northern club, coached by Antonetti, sits 5 points behind OM. After fighting out of relegation, Lille are now in a similar position to OM. Sitting in the tense middle between relegation and European spots, both teams need every win they can get. With both teams playing better, this is headed for an exciting Friday matchup between the two sides.


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An Update on Rumors Surrounding l’OM This Week

This has been a busy week for OM tabloids. Whether its player transfers, or a sale of the club, the French press has been buzzing with whispers of change coming to OM, and fast. I wanted to take this time to look at some of these rumors and discuss their credibility/what it means for OM.

CELEBRITES : Paris Saint Germain vs  Olympique De Marseille - Ligue 1 - Paris - 04/10/2015
Club President Vincent Labrune and owner Marguerita Louis-Dreyfus. Photo courtesy of Continue on for discussion of rumors.


OL 1-1 OM Review and Player Ratings

OL against OM. Another exciting game between these two rivals, full of aggressiveness and chances. And yet another game ruined by Ligue 1 referees. At this point, can we still claim ineptitude, or is it flat out corruption? I can’t really decide. Tonight, we saw yet another beautiful game marred by suspicious referee decisions, yet another to add to the list. Still, there were plenty of positives. Continue on for analysis and ratings.


Michy facing off against Umtiti. Photo courtesy of Michy’s Twitter: @mbatshauyi.


OL-OM Preview: Preview/My Lineup for L’Olympique

Finally, OL-OM has arrived. A great rivalry that has intensified in the past decade. The teams face off, both in similar positions. OM and OL sit at 9th and 10th place, both with 29 points. Both teams have disappointed this season, but are still in the running for a Champions League spot. With 2nd place only 7 points away, this game will be critical for either team. This game will be played in the new Parc Olympique Lyonnais, a new stadium built for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament this summer. Continue reading for Preview/Lineup.


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A Look Back: Lyon 5-5 OM

During OM’s title-winning 2009-10 season, one of the most incredible games in Ligue 1 history took place in November. Lyon and OM, battling it out for the Ligue title, met at the Stade Gerland for what would be an absolute insane game. The game flow was incredible: Ten goals scored, 4 equalizing goals, and 5 goals scored in the last fifteen minutes of the game. This Olympico would forever go down as a classic of French Football. Analysis/video highlights below.


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OM 2-0 MHSC Review/Ratings

OM did the job, breaking its horrid streak without wins at le Vélodrome. Without playing particularly well, OM came out of this round of la Coupe de France with a win against a decent Montpellier side. Montpellier will be regretting some great chances, while OM will look to thank Mandanda and its defense for bailing the team out a few times. Now, OM can go into Lyon riding on a two-game winning streak. Analysis to follow.


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SM Caen 1-3 OM Review and Player Ratings

Enfin ! In one of the most exciting games of the season, OM and Caen battled it out in Normandy. With the courageous Caen team unafraid to take on a Ligue 1 giant, the game was very open, with momentum swinging back and forth. This game should set an example for the offensive style of play that should be adopted by the Ligue. It encourages exciting, attacking style and spectacle. Les Normands showed that despite their small budget, they are not afraid to take on teams, while OM showed that it does have offensive potency as well as determination. Great showing from both teams. Let’s look at how OM did.


The president of OMNewYork, watching the victory at Smithfield Hall NYC.


Caen-OM Preview / My Lineup

At the very least, there is no way this game can be more boring than last Sunday. Caen is a team that always goes after OM in games. While some smaller clubs tend to play for the draw, Caen, in two games against l’OM this season (Ligue 1 and Coupe de France), has shown that they are willing to attack the Ligue 1 giant. Let us hope that OM can finally wake up and start playing how they should. Lineup to follow.

Barrada Caen

Barrada squaring off against Caen in the first game of the season. Photo courtesy of (more…)