Sites of Marseille: Le MuCEM

Built meters away from the famous Vieux Port, and connected to the Fort Saint Jean, stands a beautiful and modern museum, le MuCEM. This new museum and first of its kind, centers purely on Mediterranean art and history, perfectly placed in a city that truly represents the Mediterranean culturally. IMG_0815

With art and cultural wonders from around the Mediterranean, the MuCEM provides a unique tribute to one of the most diverse and storied regions of the world. The wide variety of tableaux and photos tell the stories from around the Sea, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the history of the nations and peoples that have resided there. You really do learn something new every time you go, helping you understand how the Mediterranean region has been shaped by past events. This museum tells the stories of cultures hidden within modern borders. With the temporary showcases, there is always something new to see and discover, along with the classic pieces that reside there permanently.

The building itself is worth the visit alone. With impressive use of glass and a fibrous exoskeleton, the building soaks in the sunlight and sea air, adding to the experience. The walkways to the different floors, located between the exoskeleton and the glass, are open air.


The walkways are open air, allowing you to feel and smell the ocean air.

Finally, the bridge at the top exits directly into the Fort Saint Jean, and the Vieux Port, allowing you to exit into real historical sites and continue your visit. At night, the building is illuminated with Phocéen colors of blue and white, shimmering against the water. For anyone looking to visit the South of France, this is one site definitely worth seeing.


Come experience a gem on the Mediterranean ! 

All photos are mine. Merci, et Allez l’OM !

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