Mendy and Batshuayi Contracts Prolonged

Finally, some good news! The club announced today the extensions of Mendy and Batshuayi’s contracts, to 2019 and 2020 respectively. This is a great step forward, as it not only assures that they are secure in the team, but will also demand large transfer bids in the chance they are sold.


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This is a sign that Labrune and OM are learning their lessons. After watching Gignac and Ayew leave for free, and with the menace of an upcoming free transfer of Nkoulou, OM has missed out on an enormous amount of money that could help improve the team. With stars playing out their contracts and refusing to re-sign, the club misses out on the inflated transfer fees that we see today. Signing OM’s two biggest prospects to long-term deals will prevent this from happening. With players such as Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial being transferred for fees ranging from 30-50 million Euros, these contract extensions provide insurance to OM that if these two depart (we hope not), OM will be compensated.

Link to Club Announcement:

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