OM 0-0 EA Guingamp Review

If only I could have those two hours back. In one of the most boring games in recent memory, OM and Guingamp “battled” it out for a goalless draw, a fitting result for a terrible game. With neither team showing much cohesion offensively, the game quickly descended into lateral, safe passes in the midfield, and turnovers in the attacking third. OM leaned heavily on Nkoudou to provide a spark, but even he could not find a solution. There honestly isn’t much more to say about this game so let’s just get to the team analysis.


Despite the rough season, the faithful of OMNewYork continue with solid turnouts at Smithfield Hall NYC to see games. 


The strong point of the team (for once), the defense played well in a  rather uneventful game. Mandanda was not forced to make many saves until the end of the second half, where he denied Guingamp twice with his classic reflex saves. Isla at right back had a solid game, getting involved offensively and good marking at the back. Nkoulou made several tackles and put in a decent performance, winning back possession many times. Rolando had a strong game, making tackles and limiting fouls, as well as hitting the crossbar from a corner kick. Manquillo had another good performance at left back, though he should have scored after creating a great chance from himself in the 43rd minute.


Diarra, though not as strong as usual, still had a good performance. The amount of interceptions, tackles, and passes he makes really make the difference for the team. Having his talent in the heart of the formation has truly saved this season from total disaster. He is the connection between the offense and defense. Romao struggled, losing easy balls and making several bad fouls with his lunging tackles. Zambo Anguissa, in one of his first appearances, offered some tackles and passes, but did not have a huge impact. Barrada had a rough game, failing to provide a spark behind Batshauyi in the attacking midfield. Despite having several corners, most were harmlessly cleared.


Ocampos showed determination and grit before hurting his ankle. However, he still makes technical errors and poor decisions, where he will dribble into trouble or opting to shoot when a clear pass is available. Nkoudou did his best to provoke chances from his left flank, with some success. However, he failed to be lethal, rarely connecting with Batshauyi or getting a shot on goal. Most of his crosses went straight into the keeper’s hands. Batshauyi was frankly invisible. Rarely getting the ball and well-positioned, he offered only a couple headers at goal. Otherwise, he almost convinced me that he had been subbed out. Rabillard, entering in his first appearance for OM, did not make any impact on the game, though he entered late and it was his first game.

Player Ratings

Mandanda – 5.5/10

Isla – 5/10

Nkoulou – 5.5/10

Rolando – 6/10

Manquillo – 5.5/10

Romao – 3/10

Diarra – 6/10

Barrada – 3/10

Ocampos 3/10

Nkoudou 5/10

Batshauyi – 2/10


Thanks to Smithfield Hall for continuing to be excellent hosts!

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