Caen-OM Preview / My Lineup

At the very least, there is no way this game can be more boring than last Sunday. Caen is a team that always goes after OM in games. While some smaller clubs tend to play for the draw, Caen, in two games against l’OM this season (Ligue 1 and Coupe de France), has shown that they are willing to attack the Ligue 1 giant. Let us hope that OM can finally wake up and start playing how they should. Lineup to follow.

Barrada Caen

Barrada squaring off against Caen in the first game of the season. Photo courtesy of

 Caen drawing OM into an open game would be refreshing, after we all watched OM stutter to an abysmal 0-0 draw last week. Caen is currently sitting in 6th place, 4 points away from 2nd. However, OM (while in 12th place), is only 4 points behind Caen. With a win, OM can propel themselves into competing for Champions League spots. The problem is, we have been saying this about OM for weeks and months, and yet this team continues to stutter along.

One good thing is that Michel has begun to play minots. With injuries thinning the lineup, players like Zambo and Rabillard have finally been able to step on the field and defend the colors of their team. Despite not having much of an impact, I enjoyed seeing them play. These are kids that have grown up playing in the academies and supporting OM. I would rather give them a shot than see the same old from the starters. Whether they play or not, let’s hope that this OM team can light a spark under this season with a big win against a decent Ligue 1 team. Next, predicted lineup and my own lineup idea.

– Predicted Lineup –


Dja Djédjé – Nkoulou – Rolando – Mendy

Romao – Diarra

Barrada – Cabella – Nkoudou


– My Lineup –


Dja Djédjé – Nkoulou – Rolando – Mendy

Romao – Diarra

Barrada                               Nkoudou

Cabella (false 9) – Batshauyi

Merci, et allez l’OM !

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