SM Caen 1-3 OM Review and Player Ratings

Enfin ! In one of the most exciting games of the season, OM and Caen battled it out in Normandy. With the courageous Caen team unafraid to take on a Ligue 1 giant, the game was very open, with momentum swinging back and forth. This game should set an example for the offensive style of play that should be adopted by the Ligue. It encourages exciting, attacking style and spectacle. Les Normands showed that despite their small budget, they are not afraid to take on teams, while OM showed that it does have offensive potency as well as determination. Great showing from both teams. Let’s look at how OM did.


The president of OMNewYork, watching the victory at Smithfield Hall NYC.


The phrase “bent, but not broken” comes to mind here. OM saw a good showing from its defense, which resisted intense pressure (and an early refused goal) to help their team win. Mandanda was solid, providing a couple good saves, while otherwise not having much to do. Dja Djédjé was great offensively, getting forward and involved the entire game. He was a bit suspect at times on defense, but otherwise provided solid tackles. Nkoulou was good, providing his classic interceptions and passes. Rolando had a great game, making no mistakes defensively and forcing a great save from Caen off a corner kick. Manquillo was quiet, staying more defensive while Djédjé moved forward.


A strong showing throughout the midfield. Isla provided defensive support with support passing in the middle. A solid partner to Diarra, Isla played a quiet but important role throughout the game. Diarra was classic Diarra, winning duels, completing passes, and providing tenacity in front of the defense. Barrada finally had a good game, providing good passes, offensive support, and the assist on Michy’s goal. What I loved most from Barrada was his aggression on defense. He came back on defense and provided a few tackles as well. Romao came in and also provided a nice cross to Bouna Sarr for the third goal to seal the game.


Romao providing a cross to Sarr for the third goal. Video courtesy of TeamOM_Officiel on Twitter.


Nkoudou had a good game, scoring a goal and providing a lot of offensive pressure on the left flank. Batshauyi had a solid game, scoring a goal and providing an assist to Nkoudou. However, he still made several errors where he didn’t get the ball out of his feet, dribbling into trouble. Bouna Sarr was the man of the match. He was an instant source of pace and creativity on the right flank, an area that has been poor for OM all season. His goal (video above), was a beautiful finish to cap off an excellent performance.


Nkoudou scoring the second goal after a pass from Batshauyi. Video courtesy of TeamOM_Officiel on Twitter.


Mandanda – 6

DjaDjédjé – 6

Nkoulou – 6

Rolando – 6.5

Manquillo – 5.5

Isla – 6

Diarra – 6.5

Sarr – 8

Barrada – 6

Nkoudou – 7

Batshauyi – 6.5

(Substitute) Romao – 6

Merci, et allez l’OM !

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