An Update on Rumors Surrounding l’OM This Week

This has been a busy week for OM tabloids. Whether its player transfers, or a sale of the club, the French press has been buzzing with whispers of change coming to OM, and fast. I wanted to take this time to look at some of these rumors and discuss their credibility/what it means for OM.

CELEBRITES : Paris Saint Germain vs  Olympique De Marseille - Ligue 1 - Paris - 04/10/2015
Club President Vincent Labrune and owner Marguerita Louis-Dreyfus. Photo courtesy of Continue on for discussion of rumors.

Rumor #1 – Doumbia to OM 

OM has been talking to AS Roma about a loan for Seydou Doumbia. The Ivorian forward has been on loan at CSKA Moscou, and is returning to Roma. He would bring speed, finishing, and experience to OM. He would certainly push Michy to perform, and play often. However, his massive salary (2 Million Euro/year), is a hindrance. OM, according to this article, would only pay 30% of it. Latest reports indicate he is headed to England or China.


Rumor #2 – Nkoulou to Bayern this winter?

Nkoulou has been linked all year to clubs like Lyon, Lazio, and Bayern. The latest reports saw Bayern moving to sign him this winter. OM would envision a fee of 5-8 million for him, which, considering his quality, is very low. However, with his contract running out this summer, that is all OM can hope for. Latest report is he will not leave, but will leave for free in the summer. This is a repeat of the Ayew-Gignac debacle, where incredibly talented and valuable players leave for free from OM. Nkoulou is one of the better CBs around, worthy of a 10 million Euro transfer these days. However, the small budget that club management has put in place continues to shoot the team in the foot once the contracts run out…


Rumor #3 (the BIG one) – Owner Marguerita Louis-Dreyfus Moving to Sell Team

If this is true, most OM fans will be incredibly satisfied. Latest reports indicate that MLD is moving to sell the team through the bank, Rothschild, where she will begin to look for offers. With the tightening of the budget, as well as the seating rights returning to the club, this seems like the final move that will solidify a sale of the team. The budget is balanced, the stadium is under control, and the fans are desperate for new money. Rumors on Twitter indicate potential buyers as an American billionaire and a Saudi Prince. However, the next owner should be careful not to kill the spirit of the club. Investing heavily and turning the team into a corporate machine (like PSG), would absolutely kill OM as we know it. PSG has seen its stadium atmosphere tank, with higher ticket prices and a more business atmosphere having taken over. This must not happen to OM. Still, OM cannot continue down the MLD-Labrune path. I, for one, am hoping for a team sale.


Merci, et Allez l’OM !

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