Trélissac 0-2 OM Review/Ratings

OM pull away the victory in a great game between the Ligue 1 giant and the CFA side. Trélissac put in a great performance, offering many counters and good chances. OM weathered the storm and imposed its will on the match, eventually getting goals from Alessandrini and Fletcher. Despite the choppy field, both teams were able to put on a show. Review/Ratings to follow.


Alessandrini scoring to put OM up 1-0.


Mandanda provided several good stops, putting in yet another good outing. The defense played well, and looked confident. Manquillo had a solid outing, pushing forward often. Rolando and Rekik were solid, stepping up to intercept long balls often, and making few errors. De Ceglie had a poor outing, letting the Trélissac winger get by him in the second minute, and not looking convincing at all throughout the game. This guy played for Juventus ?


Isla and Romao provided strong tackles and looked to absorb the incoming counters. Isla was very involved throughout the entire game, providing tackles and passes. Thauvin had an okay game at the number 10 role, playing several good passes but struggling to keep the ball. He provided a couple good set pieces. Barrada, coming on for Thauvin, played very well. He managed to create openings in the defense, and provided a perfect cross for Fletcher’s goal.


Alessandrini played a good game, getting in behind defenders often. He had an awesome goal, combining with Fletcher and then hitting the upper 90 with a left-footed shot. Nkoudou had a solid game, but seemed a little predictable with his dribbling. He tended to cut in on his right often, and was tackled a few times. Fletcher had a great first start. He was dangerous throughout the game, provided an assist to Alessandrini before putting away Barrada’s cross with a well-taken shot. That is a good sign for the future.

Player Ratings

Mandanda – 6/10

Manquillo – 6/10

Rolando – 7/10

Rekik – 6/10

De Ceglie – 4/10

Isla – 6/10

Romao – 5/10

Thauvin – 5/10

Barrada – 6/10

Nkoudou – 5.5/10

Alessandrini – 6/10

Fletcher – 7/10

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