Frustrations/Lessons from Le Classique

Last Sunday, OM put in one of their best performances against PSG, and still lost. Time and time again, this season, OM played extremely well against a tough opponent, but then struggled to get points against weaker opposition later. I am going to explore what we learned from this valiant effort, and what it means for the rest of the season.


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OM 1-2 PSG Review / Ratings

Another great Classique. Another game where OM pushes Ligue 1’s richest team to the brink. And another game where OM falls to the efficiency of PSG. This game had spectacle, counters, open play, and everything else you would want in a Classique. However, OM will yet again rue wasted chances that saw their good performance earn them no points. This will now be 5 months without a victory without a victory at le Vélodrome.  Review and Ratings to follow.


Massive crowd for OMNewYork at Smithfield Hall NYC. Les Marseillais came out in full force, singing, yelling, and urging the team forward.


OM-PSG Preview and Lineup

Le Classique is finally here. With PSG way ahead of the pack, this game is purely for bragging rights. For OM, who has endured a tough season, this game could help salvage what has been a rough year. OM fans might be content with an average season and win against Paris. Without a win against Paris in 10 games, now is the time for OM to break the trend. Preview and Lineup to follow.


Lorik Cana after scoring against PSG in 2005, having recently been signed to OM from PSG. Photo courtesy of


MHSC 0-1 OM Review / Ratings

In a gritty, mostly boring game, OM pulled out an unlikely win. Playing very defensively for most of the game, OM relied on Nkoudou to pull out a goal on a counter, as Montpellier applied more and more pressure. This game saw terrible officiating affect OM yet again, in what is seemingly just another day at the office for Ligue 1 officiating. Review/Ratings to follow.


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Montpellier – OM Preview / Lineup

Quick note: I could not post a review of Lille-OM as I was unable to watch the game. Time difference makes it impossible to watch games during the week.

Each week, we are witnessing a different OM team. Against Lyon, we saw an OM that was gritty, effective, and determined. Against Lille, we saw a lifeless, slow mess of a team. Despite all this, OM remains 6 points away from a Champions League spot. However, if the team’s consistency does not improve, 6 points could well be unreachable.  Preview to follow.


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