Gazélec Ajaccio – OM: Preview and Lineup

OM faces off in the rescheduled Gazélec game. After yet another disappointing and revealing tie at home, all momentum that was felt after Bilbao is now diminished. The fans are fed up, and the team seems to be stuttering towards a mid-table finish. Champions League is now 8 points away, and given the form of this team, that may be an insurmountable distance to cover before the end of the season. However, as this is a makeup game, a win today would bring OM 5 points away from a CL spot. Doable, but can we expect it from this team? Time will tell. Preview and Lineup to follow.


Victoire imperative ! Source –

This team’s failures came into the spotlight against Toulouse. Against another mediocre team, OM failed to show dominance at home. Despite creating almost a dozen chances, OM’s strikers failed to score. At the other end, the defense largely helf TFC in check, only to see Ben Yedder sucker punch OM for a goal. The difference in efficiency is astounding. Here are my key thoughts:

Keep the Michy-Fletcher Formation

Despite the lack of scoring, this partnership can create chances, and frees up the wingers to penetrate behind the defense. Fletcher seems to be a better passer than Nkoudou or Cabella. His willingness to pass makes him unique in this unit, given everyone’s insistence on dribbling. Keeping him there will encourage more play, and less individuality.

Rekik or Rolando?

With Nkoulou returning, I would choose to put Rekik next to him. Rekik is used to the left CB spot, and has been playing better. However, Rolando has put in some solid performances these past few months, so it is not given who should play. I think, given this season’s results, OM should look to get Rekik as much experience as possible. Now that he has found his footing, let him play.

Put Away Chances

The lack of scoring ability from this offense is unbelievable. It is as if they need at least 6 shots on goal to score. Ben Yedder needed one last week at the Vélodrome. Michy should look to him as an example. We saw yet again chances wasted by Michy, Fletcher, Isla, Nkoudou, and more, last week. No more – score or go home. There is this idea that playing well and creating good chances is satisfactory – it is not. The team slogan is Droit Au But, and OM’s offensive players should keep it in mind…

My Lineup


Manquillo – Nkoulou – Rekik – Mendy

     Isla – Romao

Cabella                          Nkoudou

Michy            Fletcher

Droit Au But !

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