An Update on OM (after my two week break)

In my return to the blog after a couple weeks hiatus, we will cover the Monaco game, the lineup for next season, and the impending sale of the team. Despite the incoming semi-final of la Coupe de France, the whole ambiance around the team feels final. This season is over, most of the players will leave, and there is nothing that can be done to salvage anything. While I will always support OM through thick and thin, it is difficult to resist the feeling of disappointment and indifference towards these remaining games. There simply isn’t much to look forward to, unless big changes happen this summer.


After a Monaco goal. Courtesy of


Bastia 2-1 OM: ENOUGH !

OM continues to hit every branch as it spirals to the ground. It appears that just when we thought this team couldn’t play any worse, they can continue to surprise us. No fire, no drive, no fighting spirit, and no passion about anything could be found. There is no collective play and no urgency in this team. There are 6 games left in the season, OM is 7 points from relegation… Let’s get to the review.


Mandanda failing to stop the penalty. Courtesy of