Bastia 2-1 OM: ENOUGH !

OM continues to hit every branch as it spirals to the ground. It appears that just when we thought this team couldn’t play any worse, they can continue to surprise us. No fire, no drive, no fighting spirit, and no passion about anything could be found. There is no collective play and no urgency in this team. There are 6 games left in the season, OM is 7 points from relegation… Let’s get to the review.


Mandanda failing to stop the penalty. Courtesy of


The wing backs, Dja Djédjé and Manquillo, were poor. With many errors in defense, and little offensive support, neither of these two shined. Rolando wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good either. Getting beaten often, he just seemed late to every tackle. Rekik provided strong tackles and seemed in a good spot before his own goal. Mandanda had a rough game, provoking a penalty. He couldn’t really do much all game.


Diaby and Diarra weren’t very strong. Diaby struggled, as most players would in their first game in a year. He looked slow and was poor technically. Diarra gave up a few bad fouls and didn’t look to be his usual sharpness. No doubt, playing for France tired him out. Cabella tried to provoke chances, but never seemed to get passes out or create any space.


Thauvin didn’t really do much. He works hard, but can’t seem to create any space. Nkoudou had a couple good runs down the flank, but is often on an island by himself. Fletcher was absolutely invisible. I honestly forgot he was on the field. He struggled to get service and just seems to be slowing down after some good performances. Michy came in and scored a great goal. It was classic Michy: receives ball with his back to goal, turns and scores.

This season is beginning to have a “just end the season” feel to it. However, OM is close to Ligue 2 next season… It isn’t over yet.

Player Ratings

Mandanda – 4/10

Dja Djédjé – 3/10

Rolando – 4/10

Rekik – 4/10

Manquillo – 3/10

Diaby – 3.5/10

Diarra – 4/10

Thauvin – 3.5/10

Cabella – 4/10

Nkoudou – 5/10

Fletcher – 2/10

Batshauyi – 5/10

Also, shoutout to the Marseillais at OMNewYork today. Despite the tough season, Thierry and co. come to every game to watch and rant about the team. It is great to see that despite poor results, Marseillais are still here. Allez l’OM (NewYork) !

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