An Update on OM (after my two week break)

In my return to the blog after a couple weeks hiatus, we will cover the Monaco game, the lineup for next season, and the impending sale of the team. Despite the incoming semi-final of la Coupe de France, the whole ambiance around the team feels final. This season is over, most of the players will leave, and there is nothing that can be done to salvage anything. While I will always support OM through thick and thin, it is difficult to resist the feeling of disappointment and indifference towards these remaining games. There simply isn’t much to look forward to, unless big changes happen this summer.


After a Monaco goal. Courtesy of

The Monaco game was symbolic in many ways. OM simply didn’t show anything. They were outmatched in every 50/50, every possession, and throughout both halves. Players like Silva, Mendy, and Cabella were outclassed. I don’t mean to name names, as everyone was outclassed. Monaco looked more determined, and deserved to win. There simply isn’t much to say. Only Mandanda came to play. A shame that a fine season from the captain has to end so poorly.

OM now sits in 15th place, 6 points from relegation. With four games to go, OM is in a bit of a tough situation. There is simply no motivation, no drive left in the team, and yet they need to ensure the team doesn’t get relegated. The odds of relegation are very slim, but certainly possible. OM must tread very carefully, going forward. How can you motivate a team where half of the starters are on loan and the other half are going to be sold?

Which brings us to the team – or what’s left of it. With Isla, Diarra, Manquillo, Lucas Silva, Nkoulou, Mandanda, Michy, De Ceglie (wait, who cares?), and Thauvin all either definitively or likely leaving, the team next year will be missing most of the starting lineup.

Starting lineup for 2016/17


Dja Djédjé – ? – Rekik – Mendy

? – ?

Alessandrini – Cabella – Nkoudou


            To the big announcement of the week, Marguerita Louis-Dreyfus has finally announced she is selling the team. Finally, new winds may soon be passing through Marseille. However, there are still many obstacles to pass. To sell the team, there needs to be a buyer. Without an adequate offer, OM is stuck with an owner who has no desire to spend money on the team. Also, the new buyer must not be Marquerita 2.0: they must be passionate, and understand the sport. An owner who hires a knowledgeable soccer president rather than their own cronies would be perfect for the team. This team needs solid management à la Pape Diouf. A coach like Sampaoli would not be a bad bet either…


            OM needs a spectacular summer to get fans excited about the team. Without a new buyer and new investment, there will be little to be excited about next year. Without any incentive or confidence from the fans, another dreadful year could be in store. Let us hope a fresh start can bring OM back to its former glory. Allez l’OM, levez-vous ! Ne tue pas notre club !

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