UPDATE ON OM (I am back on the blog!)

Hi all, I am back to writing on the blog! After a time where my daily life and packed summer got in the way of my blogging, I have finally decided that I must get back to writing. Despite a tumultuous summer, and a fanbase that has almost given up on the team, there is still plenty to write about and discuss on OM. In this article, I will give brief updates on the biggest issues surrounding OM. Take a look!

Source – om.net

The Current Team

With Marguerita Louis-Dreyfus made it clear that she would not be investing in the club anymore, it was confirmed that OM would have trouble attracting quality players. Again, we would have a team comprised of loaned players and guys nearing the end of their careers. New arrivals include Tomás Hubocan in defense, Zinédine Machach in the midfield, as well as Saïf-Eddine Khaoui and Bafétimbi Gomis in attack. With a weaker squad, there are also opportunities for young academy players that have never received a shot. Players like Maxime Lopez and Zambo Anguissa should see more action, and I feel will rise to the occasion. Returning players such as Cabella, Diarra and Thauvin will look to put last season behind them, and help to bring some ferveur back to a team that appears lifeless.

My picks for top performers this season – Khaoui, Lopez, Cabella, Gomis, Thauvin

The Sale of the Team

With Marguerita looking for buyers, the speculation around the next owner of the team has reached a fever pitch. The fans have lost all patience with Marguerita, viewing her hesitation to sell as a sign of disrespect for the club and the fans. After having sold any players of value remaining in the team, it is a wonder why she is sticking around. The suitors are Gérard Lopez, leader of the F1 Lotus team, and Guggenheim Partners, a Private Equity Firm from the USA who own the Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball team). The sale became the talk of the week when Francefootball announced that Lopez would buy the club and bring Marcelo Bielsa back to the club as head coach. However, nothing has been confirmed, and it seems like the sale could drag on for months.

lopez Marseille.jpg

Gérard Lopez, current leader of the F1 Lotus team, is one of the top candidates to buy the OM team. – rtl.fr

What to Expect this Season

OM fans can be the biggest critics of the team. In a self-defeating manner, the pressure and high expectations of fans can cause the team to play worse. When the team struggles, the fans boo and whistle, causing the players to struggle even more. This season, very few fans are buying tickets, which could be a good thing. With less expectations, the team will feel less pressure to perform. Young players will not be as vulnerable to relentless criticism if they under-perform, and will have a chance to develop.

Personally, I feel this team will finish in 7th place, surpassing expectations. Passi has known most of the players for years, and has been the assistant coach for a few coaches now. He has years of experience to draw upon, whether it comes to tactics or player selection. The lack of expectations around the team will also lead to better results, as the team will have a chance to gel and prove their worth. I also foresee Gomis having a huge year, as he will bring experience in attack that was lacking since Gignac’s departure. With an experienced target man who will make a lot of smart runs, the OM midfield will have many opportunities to get the ball into dangerous space. Also, with a young team, OM is due for a breakout season from a young minot. Players like Khaoui or Lopez will see more playing time, and could have a huge impact on this season.

Through good and bad, Allez l’OM ! Here is your classic OM moment of the day:

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