OM – Nantes Preview

As we approach the seventh game of the season, the alarm bells are ringing. The mid-week 3-2 loss to Rennes (OM was leading 2-1) has caused the frustration of the fans to reach a fever-pitch. With the pressure mounting on Coach Passi and his players, now is the time to win. Let’s take a quick look at what OM must accomplish in order to win today.


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Limit Defensive Errors

This seems like a given, but the Rennes game proved that OM’s defense needs a lot of work. The defense struggled against the Rennes attacking unit, and found themselves forcing inexcusable errors that resulted in goals (and a loss). Hubocan was unfortunately the poster boy for these defensive issues, gifting Rennes two goals with an errant header and a penalty. While it has been easy for fans to attack the Slovak for his errors, he is but the product of a limited budget and downsized club. The defense must focus on doing what they can to limit errors and keep the ball out of the attacking third.

Get the Ball to Gomis

Gomis is OM’s most dangerous scoring threat. He is big, strong, technical, and smart. While he has struggled with finishing, he always puts himself in dangerous positions. His service has been lacking in recent weeks, where the midfield opts for dribbling often rather than passing. OM is at its most dangerous when Gomis has the ball, because he is often in good position. If Cabella and Thauvin can look to get him the ball rather than try and provoke chances themselves, OM could score a couple goals.

The Fans Must Support the Players

I know, it is hard to watch this team. However, they are better than last year, and they need us. We criticize them for playing poorly but barely say a word when they do well. Booing and whistling will not help the players improve, as tempting as it might be. The team will respond to more encouragement, and as they represent the club and city, it is essential to put them in the best spot to succeed. Players like Thauvin and Gomis give everything on the field, and there are a couple youth players and local kids in the team than ever. Players like Lopez and Machach are from the area, and will see a lot of time this season. There are bright spots in this team that should be encouraged, rather than jeered.

It is almost game time – Allez l’OM ! 

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