OM 1-5 PSG: Disastrous

I will make this quick. L’OM’s performance against PSG tonight was the worst game I have seen them play in recent memory. Besides Vainqueur and Payet, every Marseille player struggled with even the most basic passes and tackles. The defense was absolutely atrocious, and will require a full makeover this summer. Evra, Rolando, Fanni, and somewhat Sakai were completely out of depth. Pelé made some saves, but was not able to make the difference against the PSG attack. Lopez and Zambo were largely ineffective, struggling to get the ball out of their own half. Vainqueur was outstanding, putting in an incredible shift. Vainqueur was the only player able to consistently win the ball back and push forward. After that, Njie and Thauvin were unable to create any space. Payet was able to pull off a couple dangerous shots, for what it’s worth.


Photo from, taken by Yannick Parienti.

McCourt must spend this summer, if OM is to have any chance next year. In my eyes, the team needs two center backs, a left back, and a goalie. The entire defense, except Sakai, must be overhauled. A striker will also be needed, given Gomis’ age. I normally would get more in-depth, but am too disgusted after the game to go on. Let us hope that this loss, as well as the losses against Monaco and Lyon, galvanize change this summer. It is much needed…

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