Bordeaux 1-1 OM: OM Takes a Step Towards Europe

Bordeaux and Marseille battled out to a 1-1 tie, this Sunday afternoon. With huge implications for 5th place (OM and Bordeaux are separated by 1 point), this game felt like a final. Both teams showed grit and determination, jostling for a lead. Despite a tough break early in the game (Bordeaux scored in the 2nd minute), OM put on an incredible second half performance, earning a crucial point. Continue reading for my takeaways.


Smithfield Hall was animated for the game, with Marseille and Bordeaux fans alike.

The Defense Showed Up

Considered the weakest part of OM’s lineup, the defense stepped up today against Bordeaux. Across the board, each player played a key role in securing the tie. Pelé was incredible tonight, saving l’OM from certain defeat on several occasions. Hubocan recovered from a tough start to the game and got the job done on the right flank, despite having not played in months. Fanni and Rolando were solid, containing Bordeaux’s speedy strikers (for the most part). Patrice Evra had a decent game against a speedy winger in Malcom. Bordeaux had several breaks in the game, but the Marseille defense held firm. Given many of the defenders won’t be back next season, this felt like a proper sending off for their service.


My American friend came along for the game, with OMNEWYORK. It was great to see him in the White-and-Sky Blue jersey.

Thauvin-Gomis Find a Way

In the first half, the Marseille attack struggled to find space. Despite a couple opportunities, it took until the second half for l’OM’s attack to find a spark. When a team is struggling in a tough game, the leaders need to step up. Thauvin, eliminating a defender down the right flank, slotted it back for Gomis who put the ball away. With Bordeaux 1-0 up since the 2nd minute, this goal unlocked the game, forcing both teams to push towards a winner. After the equalizer, Gomis and Thauvin each had several chances but were unable to close the game. When it counted, though, the two attackers showed up.

Another Final Against Bastia

With OM up 1 point in the standings against Bordeaux, it is up to les Marseillais to defeat Bastia to ensure a 5th place finish. Bordeaux, playing Lorient, has a good chance of winning their game, so l’OM cannot afford to let this chance slip by. Bastia will be throwing everything at Marseille, as they are 2 points away from staying in Ligue 1, and are currently in the relegation zone. With their backs against the wall in the table, Bastia is a dangerous opponent to play against. L’OM must not treat this game like a walk in the park; this game will be one of the hardest of the season. A win confirms Europa Ligue next season. No more let downs – L’OM MUST WIN!

Player Ratings

Pelé – 8.5

Hubocan – 5.5

Fanni – 6

Rolando – 6

Evra – 5.5

Sanson – 5

Vainqueur – 5

Lopez – 5

Thauvin – 6.5

Gomis – 6

Payet – 6.5

Thanks for reading! Allez l’OM ! 

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