About Me

Young Franco-American from New Jersey and passionate OM supporter. Here to provide information on the city and team en anglais.

The son of Francophone parents with family in Occitanie, my passion for Olympique de Marseille began when I was a child. My father and I are members of OMNewYork and have been watching games at Nevada Smiths and Smithfield Hall for many years. On trips to visit family, we would always make sure to visit Marseille and see l’OM play.

These experiences had me fall under the enchantment of the controversial city of Marseille. Despite its reputation, it continues to shine as a jewel in the South, as gritty as it is magnificent. A hub for Mediterranean culture and history, this often misunderstood city holds a special place in my heart.

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Email me at americanomblog@gmail.com

Allez l’OM ! 


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