OM 6-3 FC Metz : A Bittersweet Demolition

I am finally back on the blog, as I had the first chance in months to watch a game in full (my work schedule often prevents this from happening). This game certainly did not disappoint, offering plenty of highs and lows to examine. If I had only seen the headline, I would have had a hard time believing it. Click below for my takeaways and player ratings.


OM 1-0 Bastia: OM Qualifies for Europa Ligue!

While I did miss the game (had an event I simply could not miss), please find the resume video below. Europa Ligue qualification has massive implications for the immediate future of the club. While OM is still in a transition phase, Europa Ligue will make the club more attractive to players this summer, and provide important exposure on the European stage. Set as an objective for the McCourt team, qualifying for Europe represents a successful beginning to the OM Champions Project. Let us hope for more success!

Bordeaux 1-1 OM: OM Takes a Step Towards Europe

Bordeaux and Marseille battled out to a 1-1 tie, this Sunday afternoon. With huge implications for 5th place (OM and Bordeaux are separated by 1 point), this game felt like a final. Both teams showed grit and determination, jostling for a lead. Despite a tough break early in the game (Bordeaux scored in the 2nd minute), OM put on an incredible second half performance, earning a crucial point. Continue reading for my takeaways.


Smithfield Hall was animated for the game, with Marseille and Bordeaux fans alike.


OM 2-1 Nice: OM Takes 5th Place

In arguably the best performance of the season, l’OM held on to defeat Nice in a highly contested game. Nice, one of the best teams in France, displayed their impressive passing and speed, but l’OM never waivered. With Thauvin suffering an injury early in game, it fell on Gomis and co. to uphold the mantle of responsibility. In short, the players in White and Sky Blue responded. Continue reading for my analysis.


Scenes from Smithfield Hall, where OMNewYork gathered to watch the game.


OM 4-0 ASSE: Thauvin Shines as l’OM Runs Riot

Led by Sanson and Thauvin, l’OM absolutely demolished Saint-Étienne, in a must-win game. After a slow start, OM’s attack broke the game open, killing any suspense as the game progressed into the second half. After three consecutive ties, with OM scoring 1 goal in 3 games, this was the perfect reaction in the race for a European spot. Continue reading for my thoughts on the game.

Twitter post by Florian Thauvin (2 goals and an assist today!)


Florian Thauvin: Ready for l’Équipe de France ?

With 3 goals and 3 assists in the past two games, as well as 18 goals+assists on the season, Thauvin is the name on everyone’s lips. Putting several tough seasons behind him, Thauvin has emerged as the go-to man for Marseille, this season. After years of moments of brilliance mixed with disappointing performances, Flotov has become more consistent and efficient in front of goal. With World Cup qualifying approaching, Didier Deschamps is set to announce the selection for the national team next week. Will Thauvin be a part of that fabled list? In this article, I will look at reasons why he should be selected, and reasons why he may be left off the list.


Photo taken by Yannick Parienti –


Lorient 1-4 OM: L’OM Confirms

Against weak opposition (Lorient is in 20th place), l’OM ended one of the worst weeks in recent memory with a win. After losing 5-1 at home against PSG and then 3-4 against Monaco mid-week, Marseille was (finally) able to win convincingly against a weak opponent. While wins like this can feel fruitless due to the opposition’s ability, it is important for OM to win (and score multiple goals a game) in order to have a chance of making Europa Ligue. Here are my takeaways from today.


Courtesy of


OM 1-5 PSG: Disastrous

I will make this quick. L’OM’s performance against PSG tonight was the worst game I have seen them play in recent memory. Besides Vainqueur and Payet, every Marseille player struggled with even the most basic passes and tackles. The defense was absolutely atrocious, and will require a full makeover this summer. Evra, Rolando, Fanni, and somewhat Sakai were completely out of depth. Pelé made some saves, but was not able to make the difference against the PSG attack. Lopez and Zambo were largely ineffective, struggling to get the ball out of their own half. Vainqueur was outstanding, putting in an incredible shift. Vainqueur was the only player able to consistently win the ball back and push forward. After that, Njie and Thauvin were unable to create any space. Payet was able to pull off a couple dangerous shots, for what it’s worth.


Photo from, taken by Yannick Parienti.

McCourt must spend this summer, if OM is to have any chance next year. In my eyes, the team needs two center backs, a left back, and a goalie. The entire defense, except Sakai, must be overhauled. A striker will also be needed, given Gomis’ age. I normally would get more in-depth, but am too disgusted after the game to go on. Let us hope that this loss, as well as the losses against Monaco and Lyon, galvanize change this summer. It is much needed…